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ICE CREAM (Campbell, Herron) from Anne of Green Gables, The Musical ANNE: Oh, Diana, I can't wait till we get at the ice cream DIANA: Anne, you'll love it! Ice cream Is anything more delectable Than ice cream? Why, even the most respectable Eat ice cream It's wonderful on a summer's afternoon In June. Ice cream The recipe's something serious But ice cream Makes everybody so delirious That ice cream Is certainly worth the trouble that it takes.... ANNE: What does it take, Diana? DIANA: It takes a tin pail, pack it with some ice Rock, salt , sprinkle on it twice Big spoon to see if it tastes nice ANNE: You're got me aquiver, I'm starting to shiver! CHORUS: Ice cream The mixing is most enjoyable Of ice cream And no one is employable In our scheme You're go to keep on the double till it's set You bet! LADIES: Chill, mix, cover it up tight! Turn crank JOSIE: Can't you do it right? DIANA: You help! EVERYBODY: This no time to fight! keep on the turning and soon we'll be churning out! Ice cream Is out of this world for tastiness But ice cream Can never be made with hastiness Ice cream it's wonderful on a summer's afternoon In June Ice cream. ICE CREAM!!! (Contributed by =Ae= - September 2014)


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