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ICE CREAM FOR CROW Captain Beefheart it's so hot looks like you have three beaks, crow the moon's so full white hat on a pumpkin you know there's something the moon was a stone's throw stop the show i need to say hello to the crow light the fire piano the moon showed up and it started to show tonight there would be ice cream ice cream for crow ice cream by night sun cream by day [repeat of last three sentences] the sun ain't stable ice cream for crow crow pants the scarecrow crow dance ah ho ho crow dance a panther scarecrow you answer you can hee and haw laugh and scratch ha ha ha [2x] boss and toss don't shake my hand give me your claw two tears in a haystack scarecrow get back tonight there will be a feather treatment beneath the symbol we'll all assemble oh how we'll fly oh how we'll tremble cut the cake we'll all get well turn up the speakers hop flop squawk it's a keeper ice cream for show oh ice cream for crow now now that's it now you can go


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