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I CONCENTRATE ON YOU Cole Porter 1939 Ella Fitzgerald w Buddy Bregman & his Orch rec Feb 9th 1936 Hollywood also- Tommy Dorsey & his Orch '39 Eddie Duchin & his Orch '39 Frank Sinatra w Axel Stordahl & his Orch '47 Perry Como w Mitchell Ayres & his Orch '52 Mel Torme '53 Chris Connor w Ralph Sharon's Group '55 Judy Garland w Nelson Riddle & his Orch '58 Abbey Lincoln '59 Frank Sinatra w Nelson Riddle & his Orch '60 Jeri Southern w Billy May & his Orch '59 Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim '67 Ella Fitzgerald w Nelson Riddle & his Orch '72 Lena Horne Whenever skies look grey to me And trouble begins to brew, Whenever the Winter winds become too strong, I concentrate on you. When fortune cries "Nay! Nay!" to me And people decare "You're through!", Whenever the blues become my only song, I concentrate on you. On your smile so sweet, so tender, When at first your kiss I decline. On the light in your eyes when I surrender, And once again our arms intertwine; And so, when wise men say to me That love's young dream never comes true, To prove that even wise men can be wrong, I concentrate on you. (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2008)


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