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I COULD MAKE A GOOD LIVING AT THAT (Lawton / John Cottrell) as recorded by George Formby November 9th 1932 I just can't remember the last time I worked, I could blush with repentance and shame! When I think of the years that I've spent on the dole, Well I can't bear the sound of me name! But I'm going to reform and I'm looking around For a job that I think I can do. I'll just work like a horse And have no more remorse, There'll be no need for me to feel blue; Because I went to the races not long ago, And watched every jockey that won. He just sat on 'is 'orse While it covered the course, And he got fifty quid when he'd done! Now if I understood horses and knew how to ride, And learnt off a bit of me fat, If I was head stableman To the great Aga Khan, I could make a good livin', Make a good livin', Make good livin' at that! Some cricketers came from Australia last year, And the newspapers made such a fuss! I don't know what the row was about, but it seems That they'd taken some cinders from us! There was one in particular, Don was his name; He's the youngest one, that gets my goat, For a millionaire chap liked his playin' so much That he sent him a thousand pound note! Just imagine, a lad pickin' money up so, Just because he belongs to a club, I could almost repent At the long years I've spent Playin' dominoes down at the pub! Now if I understood cricket and what it's about, And knew how to handle a bat, If I could beat Bradman's score Of three hundred and four, I could make a good livin', Make a good livin', Make a good livin' at that! And if I went into Parliament that would be fine, I'd have such a lot to discuss. I would have some debates On the taxes and rates, I'd surely create lots of fuss! And I wouldn't sit there and say nothin', like some, I would always be wearin' me hat. And if they made me Premier At ten thousand a year, I could make a good livin', Make a good livin', Make a good livin' at that! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2017)


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