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I COULD NEVER LOVE ANOTHER AFTER LOVING YOU The Temptations Girl, I can't believe my ears! Are you really telling me goodbye? See, you've taken away my reason for livin' And you won't even tell me why Before you walk out the door There's something I want you to know CHORUS: I could never love another after loving you (I could never love another) No other love will I share 'Cause there's no one to compare (after loving you) It was only yesterday Your words are still fresh in my mind I remember you said: Long as rivers flow Each day you'd love me more Now you wanna leave me behind I don't know what it's gonna take to make you stay I just know I've got to find a way, 'cause... (chorus) Oh baby, please stay beside me I'm a sweet-talkin' guy Oh! Baby, baby, baby (I could never love another after loving you) (I could never love another after loving you) It was only yesterday... On my bended knees I beg you to stay here with me Oh! Baby, baby, baby, baby (repeat chorus and fade)


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