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I COULD SAY (Bob Millsap / Ed Penny) Marilyn Sellars - 1976 I suppose I could say no one else was here before you I could lie and say I spent my nights alone But there were others before your time Friends and lovers, and they were mine Like old forgotten songs that belong in the past Nice enough to know, never strong enough to last I suppose I could say no one else has ever held me And pretend no other lips have touched my own But there was no one I ever knew Who made me feel the way you do How else would I know how wonderful you are If no one else had ever taken me this far (Instrumental Break) I could say it was cold, I was lonesome, it was wrong When the truth is I've enjoyed the life I've known But you are the first one I've ever told You'll be the last one I'll ever hold If you say that you'll take me as I am today I will love you more than words could ever say (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2017)


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