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I'D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN (W. Holyfield / B. McDill) Crystal Gayle Was I right, was I wrong? A little too weak, a little too strong? Was it him, was it me? Oh, I guess I'll never know Well, you're up then you're down Oh, but the world keeps turnin' around Ain't it hard to find Somethin' to hang on to? (Chorus:) But I know that my heart will mend And I know that I'll smile again I'll get back on my feet and then I'll do it all over again Some you lose, some you win They say that's the way it's always been First you laugh, then you cry Oh, but I guess that's life So you live and you learn And never look back at the bridges you burned And you change somehow Oh, I'm a little bit wiser now (Repeat chorus 2x)


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