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I'D DO THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY THINGS from 1934 London musical "Jill Darling" (Vivian Ellis (m) Desmond Carter (l) 1934) Frances Day & Arthur Riscoe with the Saville Theatre Orchestra conducted by Francis M Collinson recorded January 10th 1935 London [ar] Although I'm not quite crazy, To tell the truth I'll try. I know I'm rather hazy, As to what I'm doing and why. I've said that I adore you, There's nothing more to say. I can't explain it for you, I'm queer that way! I think I'm yours sincerely, I maybe gonna buy you diamond rings! perhaps I love you dearly, I do the most extraordinary things! You may be what I'm made for, I see I have my arm around your waist. Perhaps you're what I've prayed for, I have the most extraordinary taste! Though I don't understand Why I'm holding your hand, I suppose I'm crazy over you; This may last a week or two, There's no knowin' what I'll do! I've said you, you were my baby, The sort o' girl that Father Christmas brings! And heaven knows, you may be, I get the most extraordinary things! [fd] I love the ground you walk on, I love the things you do. Whatever theme you talk on, I like to listen to you! I can't go on without you, I never need a change, But when I think about you, It does seem strange! Of course, I'm far above you, My place is in the company of kings! But all the same, I love you, I do the most extraordinary things! To see you I'm delighted, I'm miserable until that face appears. I know that I'm short sighted, I have the most peculiar ideas! All my friends will complain that i'm not seein' things When I go round tellin' them the news1 [ar] Hot-cha-cha! [fd] Most of them it will amuse, [ar] Hot-cha-cha! [fd] But I've very funny news! [ar] Cha-ha-ha! And doesn't, does it ever strike you The stork may bring a family on his wings? I may get twins just like you, I get the most extraordinary things! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2014)


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