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I DID WHAT I COULD WITH MY GAS MASK (Isaacs / Leslie) George Formby Now I'm getting very fond of my gas mask I declare It hardly ever leaves my sight I sling it on my back and I take it everywhere It even comes to bed at night It's been a real good pal to me I must confess And helped me out of many a mess My sister had a lot of socks to mend So she gave me a fat bouncing baby to tend And when I felt it leaking at one end Well I did what I could with my gas mask I bought a farm because I like fresh air At milking time I tried to do my share And when I found the bucket wasn't there Well I did what I could with my gas mask The lady living next door, Mrs. `icks She heard the sirens blow one morn at ten to six She dashed outside in nothing but her nicks But she knew what to do with her gas mask By train I went for a very tiring ride There wasn't any corridor outside And when I felt the turning of the tide Well I did what I could with My gas mask To see old Echstien's (sp?) Adam in the nude I once thought I'd go with my Aunt Ermintrude And when she sniffed and said "How very rude, Still, he knows what to do with his gas mask For years I courted Annabella Price And always found her just as cold as ice Until one night the lass forgot her Ma's advice And I did what I could with my gas mask. (Ukulele to end.) (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - November 2005)


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