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I'D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MARY (Words by J. Brandon Walsh / Music by Ernest Breuer, 1914) Simple Mary Brown, left her own home town For to see the Great White Way. She was sweet and shy when she said "good-bye." And she came back home to day. At the railroad station, all the population waited for the two fifteen; Her stylish dressing, had the rubes all guessing For they didn't know their village queen. Said Mary's Ma, to Mary's Pa: Mary's Turkey Trots and her new Gavottes Had her home town dancing mad. But the old barn dance, didn't have a chance With the loving Tango fad. Hesitation was the big sensation, They all tried to do it night and day. The crops were flopping while the rubes were hopping To some brand new dance from gay Broadway. Said Mary's Pa, to Mary's Ma: "I'd like to know what happened to Mary. Since she went to New York Town. It surely don't seem like the same old Mary Who dressed in a ging ham gown. She came back wearing seven kinds of hair, Does the Tango to the Maiden's Pray'r I'd like to know what happened to Mary. Since Mary left the old home town."


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