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I'D LOVE TO BUILD A LOVE-NEST FOR YOU (W.R. Williams, 1921) I was blue till I met you for everything was wrong, Now the world seems wonderful and gaily rolls along, And I'm mighty happy since you came my way, Glad I met you, can't forget you, and I'm here to say: Our lovenest will be the best for rest that can be found, Just like castles in the air but built right on the ground, Roses in the garden for our happiness, Birds a singing, bells a ringing, if you'll just say yes: You are my star and little rainbow Just like the sunshine from above With your winning smile, you make things worth while, just say "yes," for I'll confess 'twill complete our happiness. For you are the star that leads to Love-land, You're the sweetest girl I ever knew; And you make me forget every other girl I've met, I'd love to build a love nest for you.


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