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I DO LOVE YOU Billy Stewart I do love you, yes I do now I do love you,yes I do now I do love you, yes I do now Oh, I love a you so a right now Now a my,my,baby yeah,yeah,yeah Little darlin' I said I love a you so a right now Never,never gonna let,gonna let,gonna let you go,no,no,no Pretty little baby said,I want you to try to understand a that I, that I that I I want to be your lover man Aw baby love a me so a I don't want you to go,no,no,no, Why don't you decide to be I'll take you all of my dreams now Oh,I love you,I pray for your love Woulda come to me a someday Because I love you so bad now It's about to drive a me mad girlI said I do, love you, I do love you fades...


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