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I DON'T NEED A HERO Concrete Blonde You always said I was a liar but we burn like a house on fire No matter what, you know that to be true. And everything you gave to me changed everything I used to be much more than anyone I ever knew And I don't need a hero I don't need a soldier I did when I was younger - but now that I'm older I don't need a father, I don't wanna be your mother it's just that anyone of us is half without another one is you The colors of that piece of time are still so fresh inside my mind and it makes the movie of my life seem pale - and all the games I have to play I got to give a lot of me away but the part with us will never be for sale The words of love have been confused The ways of love have been abused - Is this a lottery you win or lose? I don't know - It's an endless circle over time The place inside where I hold and find your sweet and happy music in my soul (Contributed by =Ae= - August 2014)


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