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I DON'T THINK THAT MAN SHOULD SLEEP ALONE Ray Parker Jr. CHORUS: I don't think that man should sleep alone I don't think it's fair Do you baby I don't think that man should sleep alone Some body should be there This world that we live in Has too many laws and too many rules The thought of you and me sleeping here Seems like everybody disapproves Now I'm not I'm not saying That I'm right and everyone else is wrong I admit I've got a problem I can't stand sleeping alone CHORUS I can't seem to get warm enough Evene with four blankets and a sheet I may as well be honest girl I think I need a little body heat Wake up wake up baby Yes I know it's a quarter to 3:00 a.m. But either you're coming here or I'm coming there 'Cause I just can't get to sleep CHORUS REFRAIN: Baby come on I want to feel you lying next to me Don't you baby Sugar come on Rock this baby to sleep BRIDGE: Come on come on Let's hold each other real good Come on come on I won't try nothing baby Come on come on But honey it could feel good If you'll only let loose; come on CHORUS REFRAIN: Help me baby Baby come on I need body heat Don't you baby Sugar come on girl I want to feel your- Baby come on Rock Rock me to sleep Sugar come on girl I want to feel your heat


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