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I DON'T WANT NOBODY BUT YOU (Music: Abel Baer / Lyrics: Sam Lewis & Joe Young) Esther Walker - 1926 Cliff Edwards - 1926 Annette Hanshaw - 1926 As recorded by ESTHER WALKER: Why are you jealous of me You have no reason to be Where have I given you cause to suspect Tell me, what'id I do I'm with you most of the night I'm never out of your sight How can you accuse me of neglect You know I ain't got nobody And I don't want nobody but you I'd have my hands full of trouble If I started in to double-cross you And I ain't gonna trifle I don't wanna trifle, that's true I know if I start to runaround You'll start to runaround too So if you see me talking to anyone Walking with anyone, now Believe me, it's strictly business, and how And I can tell you that I don't do to others What I don't want the others to do No! No! I ain't got nobody and I don't want nobody but you What're you fussing about You know I never go out Who ever pointed a finger at me Huh, answer me that When you are out with your chums Here I am twiddling my thumbs, c'mon Still you look at me suspiciously You know I ain't got nobody And I don't want nobody but you Outside of one little brother Let me see, there is another one too Oh! Yes Sir! I've got an uncle And you know what an uncle will do He knows I'm just a little orphan So he calls on me often, that's true Oh yes, I almost forgot You know my cousin Bill Someday my cousin will call He'll kiss me, but then we're relations, that's all, oooh If you deprive me of my cute little cousin And my sweet little uncle, I'm through I may be fam'ly, but I ain't got nobody And I don't want nobody but you And that's all! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2011)


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