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I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A CHANCE (Berry Gordy / Mickey Stevenson) Mary Wells You say you love me, & I believe you do You really really love me 'cause I love you, but oh... CHORUS: I don't wanna take a chance I don't wanna take a chance I don't wanna take a chance & come out Yeah yeah & come out, & come out only losin' in I still remember the last love I had Left me so blue & oh so sad But I just wanna let you know... (chorus) I've had lonely days & oh lonely nights That's something that I don't wanna go through no more Just give my heart some time & I know I'll make up my mind & when I give it up, gonna give it up To you, you, you you you oh One day, baby, when my heart is stronger & I'll have this fear no longer Maybe then I'll come running to you But oh right now... (chorus) (repeat & fade): & come out only losin' in


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