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I DOUBLE DARE YOU Jimmy Eaton / Terry Shand as rec by Louis Armstrong & his Orch Jan 12th 1938 Los Angles also rec by- Isham Jones & his Orch '37 Freddy Martin & his Orch '37 Carroll Gibbons Woody Herman & his Orch Jimmy Lloyd Russ Morgan & his Orch Bea Wain I double dare you to sit over here, I double dare you to lend me your ear. Take off your high hat and let's get friendly, Don't be a scare cat, say what do you care? Can't you take a dare? I double dare you to kiss me, and then I double dare you to kiss me again! And if that look in your eyes mean what I'm thinkin' of, I double dare you to fall in love with me! Hot mamma, I double dare you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - June 2009)


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