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I'D RATHER LEAD A BAND From the film "Follow The Fleet" (1936) (Irving Berlin) Fred Astaire - 1936 Susannah McCorkle - 1996 Paul Bacon - 2002 John Lithgow With Bill Elliott & His Orch. - 2002 Also recorded by: Bunny Berigan; Tony Burgos; Bobby Short, Dorothy Loudon & Blossom Dearie. I haven't ambitions for lofty positions That wind up with the wealth of the land I'll give you the throne that a king sat on For just a small baton Providing you included a band If I could be the wealthy owner of a large industry I would say, "Not for me" I'd rather lead a band If I could be a politician with a chance to dictate I would say, "Let it wait" I'd rather lead a band My ev'ry care ceases I'm rich as old Croesus When I've got ten pieces In hand If I could have a millionairess with a whole flock of banks I would just whisper "Thanks" I'd rather lead a band Give me a band, yes sir And not a thing lesser To be that professor Is grand If Josephine had left Napoleon and climbed in my lap I'd say, "Go back to Nap" I'd rather lead a band A saxophone, a slide trombone A bass fiddle and a drum A guy at the piano who makes it hum A violin, a clarinet A hot trumpet and guitar And me with the baton and there you are


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