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I DREAM OF BROWNIE WITH THE LIGHT BLUE JEANS (Stephen Foster / Sol Meyer / Spike Jones) Spike Jones & his City Slickers - 1946 (vocal: Carl Grayson & The Barefooted Pennsylvanians) I dream of Brownie with the light blue jeans She is as sweet as liquorice jelly beans I dream of Brownie and with passion I burn For of all the smiles I've seen there's none like her'n When my nights are lonely and go from bad to worse Brownie sings to me and I thrill to her verse She makes me happy and she makes me feel merrier Brownie is my favour-ite black haired terrier. (To the tune of Camptown Races) I love Brownie better than Jeannie, Jeannie I love Brownie better than Jeannie without the hair I will not forget, forget the night I called I looked for Jeannie's light brown hair And found that she was bald (Musical Break) I dream of Jeannie with the (pop, whistle & cow bell) She is so (pop) that I could almost (car horn) I dream of Jeannie with the (pop, whistle & cow bell) Ev'ry time I look at her I (grunt, grunt, grunt) Ev'ry time I (gunshot) her, I could almost (car horn) Ev'ry time I (gunshot) her, I (gil-ulp, gil-ulp, gulp) I dream of Jeannie with the (bell, ascending whistle, Neigh) Jeannie is my queenie, for I love her so. (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - October 2005)


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