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I DREAM TOO MUCH Jerome Kern / Dorothy Fields 1935 Henry Fonda, Frank Sinatra, Lily Pons [boy] Stars fade out of the skies Just to rest in her eyes, Her step is like a slender daffodil swaying, Her voice is like a muted violin playing, The light will bloom and quite dispel the gloom On sight of her who can charmingly grace a room. You cannot guess what loveliness belongs to you, If you would dance, we'd have a chance to share it too. [girl] I am not gay enough To share a waltz, Tonight I boast one of my most unhappy faults. I dream too much, but if I dream too much I can only dream to touch your heart again. I close my eyes to see your hand, Your smile, your joy in loving me. We dance and sing, we steal a touch of spring, I dream of everything we two have known, And yet my dreams have shown Perhaps I dream too much alone. (Hums) Um-m-m - m Perhaps I dream too much alone. Contributed by Carlene Bogle


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