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I ENJOY BEING A CAT Musical : Cats Remember when actors played humans Now to bring home a paycheck I dress up in fur So I glue on my whiskers, tail and animal hair And I grin it and I bare it with a purr…. When I wear my brand new collar And my fur is all smooth and pat I love to hear the public hollar I enjoy being a cat. I rather do serious dramas But as long as my paychecks fat The show is the cat's pajamas I enjoy being a cat. The folks say the show is long and boring And we dance like narrotic chimpanzees As long as the critics are adoring I'm willing to wear a custom full of fleas I'm strickly a method Morris And a Puss-n-Boots acrobat And I love purring in the chorus Being cute cuddley and coy Cause I enjoy being a cat Remember when no one would cast me Now I've got me a co-op And I'm raking it in Next season I'm starring in Lloyd Webbers new show I'll be playing Rin Tin Tin (ends with dog howl) (Contributed by Bette Carl - 2002)


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