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IF A MAN ANSWERS (Written by Bobby Darin) Bobby Darin - 1962 If a Man Answers your phone when I call Oh, there's gonna be some screamin' that ain't all 'Cause if I'm here callin' you Then who's the who I'm talkin' to ? Why any fool could see That for sure it ain't me If a Man Answers your phone then honey we're through! Now everything between us used to be fine Till I became a third party When there ain't no party line You-hear-me-talkin' Gonna hang this phone up now and dial again Oh and their better be a soprano on the other end 'Cause if the voice is baritone When you told me you'd be home alone Well,then I'm wastin' my time Not to mention my dime So, If a Man Answers your phone then honey I'm gone!


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