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I FEAR NOTHING! >From the Abbott & Costello film "Jack And The Beanstalk" (1952) (Bob Russell / Lester Lee) Lou Costello (Film Soundtrack) - 1952 I fear nothing when I am in the right! Who ever pushes me around will find me full of fight! I fear nothing when I do nothing wrong And so I toddle on my way and sing a merry song! I'll be defiant and be obstreperous If any giant should try and salt-and-pepper us! And I'll rise up, up to my fullest height 'Cause I fear absolutely nothing when I'm in the right! A man believes what he believes And by these principles a man must stand A time will come for rolled-up sleeves And it might help to have a fist on hand! If I believe that I am right There's only one thing to be done I don't go looking for a fight But I have never run away from one! But only fools will take a dare And there are things that only fools defy If I smell trouble in the air I hold my breath until the breeze blows by! I'll snort defiance like some rhinoceros Afraid of giants, now, isn't that preposseros! I find courage a thing of great delight! Sing fee-dilly-ay and fee-dilly-aye with steady hand and steely eye! I fear nothing when I am in the right! (Contributed by - March 2007)


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