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I FEEL LIKE HANK WILLIAMS TONIGHT (Chris Wall) Recorded by : The Geezinslaws; Alice Stuart; Jerry Jeff Walker; Chris Wall. Well, I could live my whole life, without a phone call The likes of which I got today. It was only my wife, said “hello” then “goodbye”. And told me she’s going away. Well I didn’t cry, It was all cut and dried. I hung up before I realized. Turned up my stereo, I walked to the window, Stared at the storm clouds outside. Chorus: And I play classical music when it rains, I play country when I am in pain. But I won’t play Beethoven, the mood’s just not right – Oh, I feel like Hank Williams tonight. There’s no explanation, not even a reason, No talk of the good times we had. Was it me, was it her, I don’t know for sure, And that’s why I’m feelling so bad. Chorus: Hey, I play jazz when I am coufused, I play country whenveer I lose. Bird’s saxaphone, it just don’t seem right Now, I feel like Hank Williams toight. Lately I’ve been thinkin’, I just might quit drinkin’. Now I don’t know all-in-all. I just might stay home, get drunk all alone, And punch a few holes in the wall. Chorus: But when I’m rel high I plyay rock’n’roll, I play country when I’m losing control. I don’t play Chuck Berry quite as much as I’d like, Now, I feel like Hank Williams tonight.


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