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IF I EVER MAKE YOU CRY (Burt Bacharach / Hal David) Dionne Warwick If I ever make you cry Long as I live, may my eyes never smile again If I ever make you cry All through my life May my lips never laugh again And if you should find that I Have been untrue, may I never spend a happy day And may I never hear, somebody say Tender word (like I love you) A tender voice (say I need you) I make a vow, right here and now That I will live To love you. If I ever make you cry Long as I live, may the world turn away from me If I ever make you cry - even once All through my life, may my dreams never come to be And if I should ever EVER BREAK your heart May I never, see the sun appear And may I go through life, and never hear ah! Tender voice, (say I love you), your precious voice Say I need you Come to my arms, my waiting arms, and softly say You love ME!


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