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IF I HAD A ROCKET LAUNCHER Bruce Cockburn Here comes the helicopter -- second time today Everybody scatters and hopes it goes away How many kids they've murdered only God can say If I had a rocket launcher...I'd make somebody pay I don't believe in guarded borders and I don't believe in hate I don't believe in generals or their stinking torture states And when I talk with the survivors of things too sickening to relate If I had a rocket launcher...I would retaliate On the Rio Lacantun, one hundred thousand wait To fall down from starvation -- or some less humane fate Cry for guatemala, with a corpse in every gate If I had a rocket launcher...I would not hesitate I want to raise every voice -- at least I've got to try Every time I think about it water rises to my eyes. Situation desperate, echoes of the victims cry If I had a rocket launcher...Some son of a bitch would die (Contributed by Jon R. - March 2004)


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