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IF I RULED THE WORLD From the London Musical "Pickwick" (Leslie Bricusse / Cyril Ornadel) Harry Secombe (London Stage Production) - 1963 Tony Bennett - 1965 Sammy Davis Jr. - 1965 Robert Goulet - 1965 Ray Charles Singers - 1965 Dionne Warwick -1965 Sarah Vaughan -1965 Bobby Vinton - 1966 James Brown - 1968 Harry Secombe (London Revival Production) - 1993 Also recorded by: Bobby Darin; Tom Jones; The Supremes; American Theatre Singers; Michael Civisca; Enzo Stuarti; Pete Brady Big Band; Steve Lawrence; Stephanie Nakasian; Louise Pitre; P.J. Proby: .............,,... and others. If I ruled the world Every day would be the first day of Spring Every heart would have a new song to sing And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring If I ruled the world Every man would be as free as a bird Every voice would be a voice to be heard Take my word, we would treasure each day that occurred My world would be a beautiful place Where we would weave such wonderful dreams My world would wear a smile on its face Like the man in the moon when the moon beams If I ruled the world Every man would say the world was his friend There'd be happiness that no man could end No my friend, not if I ruled the world Every head would be held up high There'd be sunshine in everyone's sky If the day ever dawned when I ruled the world


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