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IF IT AIN'T ONE THING, IT'S ANOTHER (Richard "Dimples" Fields / Belinda Wilson) Richard "Dimples" Fields - 1982 I'm making this song for all the people who at times in their lives feel bad You know when you feel like even your blues have blues If it ain't one thing it's another If it ain't one thing it's another It's a crazy mixed up world, it's a dog eat dog world Life is full of strife, people just aren't nice Everybody's talking smack, running games on this and that Racial resentment adds to discontentment Talk to any guy, he'll tell you taxes are too high Books, movies are corrupt, suicide is way up Kids are a sorry lot, some folks say it's 'cause of pot Phony ego trips, wow, everyone has flipped If it ain't one thing it's another If it ain't one thing it's another Everybody's shacking up, married folks are packing up Country's going up in smoke, where is Noah with his boat Blacks marching on DC, four hundred years, still not free Martin paid all a man could pay, still he's not a holiday Folks messing with my mind, make me a Frankenstein This woman by my side, she's Dr. Jeckyl, Mr. Hyde Can't get my head on right, problems day and night Try to calm my nerves, I've tried smoke, doctors give me dope to cope If it ain't one thing it's another If it ain't one thing it's another (If it ain't one thing it's another) (If it ain't one thing it's another) My funky two bit job went on strike I've put up with a lot of crap I don't like And to add to my woes, this ugly woman named Sadie Called and said she's having my baby, Lord have mercy >From my day of birth I've called hell on earth A number is all I am, ain't got no frills, don't give a..... If you ain'tt got no pull, you've got to put up with a lot of bull This funky world is cold, I oughta flush myself down the..... If it ain't one thing it's another If it ain't one thing it's another If it ain't one thing it's another If it ain't one thing it's another My friends, I wonder if it's okay if I talk to you this evening A long time ago my old grandmother, bless her heart Used to sit me on her knee and pull out her Good Book And she said, "My son, my child, don't you ever get too grown, too famous, too rich to forget the man upstairs" And she used to turn to Matthew chapter twenty-four And there the disciples were talking to the Master And they said, "Lord tell us what will be the sign of your coming, And the end to all this confusion on Earth" And the Good Lord said, "My children watch out that nobody deceives you, For the last days, there'll be a lot of tribulation, wars and famines And earthquakes in different places on the Earth And there'll be no understanding among the people" He said, "But as you see these things occurring, Don't you become too discouraged, just lift your heads up high Because your deliverence is getting nearer" And he spoke about the proclamation, About the coming kingdom or goverment of God That will eventually take over this Earth and rule over the whole Earth And, oh, I turned to Daniel chapter two And there Daniel describes that this kingdom won't be an earthly kingdom But it will be ruled by God And opening the book of Revelations it talks about How there will be a lamb who is Jesus And his faithful hundred-and-forty-four-thousand Who would bring all mankind back to perfection Ah, some of you out there know exactly what I'm talking about Isaiah, Isaiah, a long time ago said, "Oh, I see old people growing young again, I see lame people running and leaping just like a gazelle And blind people will see again" And we won't have to worry about our children going outside to play at night They'll be able to play with a snake, brotherhood And there'll be brotherhood and peace and tranquility on the Earth Aw, it makes me feel good when I read over in Revelations That it say God would wipe out every tear from my eyes Yeah, that's in Revelations chapter twenty-one Why don't you pick up a Good Book and read about it for yourselves And my friends, I don't know if I'll ever see you again Life is certainly uncertain these days, I'm sure you'll agree to that But keep dreaming the big dream Get down on your knees and ask the big guy in the sky For his spirit to sustain you And pray for me, I'll be praying for you Goodnight. (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2017)


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