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IF IT WASN'T FOR THE REASON THAT I LOVE YOU (Roger Cooke / Roger Greenaway) The Hollies - 1972 Miki Anthony - 1973 Another day gone and I think of you Wonder where you're going Wonder what you do without me A telephone call from a friend I know left me feeling bitter left me feeling so unhappy 'Cos if you couldn't wait for 24 hours what good would telegrams and flowers do Chorus: If it wasn't for the reason that I love you baby I wouldn't have another thing to say to you Might as well stay for a day or two Find another friend and have a drink or two to pass the time Talking over troubles in a whiskey daze a little drop of cognac helps a man to face the lonely times 'Cause it's sad being home and I've given up trying I've got no lyin' that I wanna do Chorus Wish I could find a way Make up the words to say You cheated and you lied You took away the little pride I had inside Chorus


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