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IF I WAS A MILLIONAIRE (Music: Gus Edwards / Lyrics: Will D. Cobb - 1910) Bing Crosby (feat. in the film "The Star Maker") - 1939 Richard Monda (feat. in the film "The Eddie Cantor Story") - 1953 If I was a millionaire, kids If I was a millionaire There wouldn't be nothin' too good in the world For me and my pals to share Now, don't tell me I'm shootin' hot air, kids But here's what I'd do on the square If I was a real live, regular, first class Cross-my-heart millionaire I'd buy up ev'ry schoolhouse in the nation I'd write upon the blackboard big and clear Instead of one, there will be two vacations Each vacation six months twice a year Oh, there wouldn't be no school when it was rainin' I'd let you stay at home when it was fair You'd have free soda fountains Say, I'd build you ice cream mountains If I was a millionaire (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2011)


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