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IF I WERE A KING Joe Bataan If I were a king (if I were a king) I'd tear me crown And if I were a millionaire, oh baby (oh baby) You'd own all that I own Just tell me that you care And you're going where I want to If you say you love me (tell me you love me) I'll give you that as ???? girl Just whisper that you want me And you'll be me girl And, you can have pearls in your hand Just as long as I'm your man Darling, there is gonna be no rule in the whole wide world That's gonna stop this guy from walking against you There's gonna be no river deep enough baby That I can't swim, to be beside you (If I were a king ) (If I I were a king) And if that's all to ????, I write a song to you I'll climb the last mountain top And shout up there that I love you, you If I were a pet, girl I ???? for you ????? And if I were a poor boy, I'd offer you a toy But, nothing's gonna stop me, yeah To try to get next to you, oh Just as long as I can, I'm your man That's right darling There"s gonna be no rule long enough in the whole wide world That's gonna stop this guy from getting to you Believe me, you found a king And if all the riches and all the treasures in the whole wide world Aren't enough to satisfy you, darling But you can have my heart And believe me, yes you better believe With my heart you can go a long, long way I'm telling you All it's gonna take, all it's gonna take Is for you to be my queen Let this daddy here be your king (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen - August 2004)


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