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IF MY HEART HAD A WINDOW (Helen Costa / Don Costa) as recorded by Jo Stafford with orchestra conducted by Don Costa 1962 If my heart had a window And you could look inside, It would help you understand What I have tried to hide. For my heart beats no faster When you press your lips to mine, And the tears that Fill my ears Will dry away in time. You said our love would last, That true love needs no rings; I tried to say I didn't care About such foolish things! If my heart had a window, You would see it couldn't last, For true love is in the question, The one you never asked! Now another love has seen my heart And made it smile with pride, For he has asked the question, And now I'll be his bride! Now my heart has a window, Through the eyes of love, that's true! On your wedding day you'll know this love Has finely come to you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2017)


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