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IF'N I WAS GOD From the film: "Tom Sawyer" aka "A Musical Adaptation of Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer" - 1973 (Robert B. Sherman / Richard M. Sherman) Tom Sawyer (Johnny Whitaker) Also recorded by : Colorado Children's; Bobby Goldsboro; Michael Jackson. If'n I was God Well, just for spite I wouldn't set the sun at night Till everyone was treated right By everyone else they see If'n I was God I'd fix it so Without explainin', folks would know They'd know what's goin' on inside Of everyone else like me Nobody'd hurt nobody else I wouldn't let it be Nobody'd have a need to pray Except for thankin' me If'n I was God I'd make us wise So's everyone could realize That everywhere beneath the sun Everyone needs everyone And God, That ain't half what I would do If'n I was you (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - 2004)


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