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IF SWING GOES, I GO TOO (Fred Astaire / Harry Warren) Recorded by: Fred Astaire; Rosemary Clooney; Rita Moreno; Taco. I’m all worried I’m upset I just heard the worst news yet Some old fogey wants to ration swing Says your psyche won’t survive If you dance to that jump and jive I can’t help it if I shout and sing They can take away my breakfast They can take away my lunch But there’s just one thing That they can’t take That’s the rhythm of the swing band bunch I like my music And I like it high If I try to shake it down Then I just wanna die What’s this talk about waltzes Taking the place of swing I don’t like waltzes If they cancel my soap operas I’ll make it through They can take away most anything But if swing goes I go too Some think rappin’ is racy It makes them lose their minds Me, I’ll stick with Basie They can take away the polka That dance I’ll never do They can take away most anything Anything and everything But if swing goes I go too


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