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IF WE NEVER MEET AGAIN Louis Armstrong / Horace Gerlach as rec by Keely Smith 1957 No-one knows what the future will hold, Life tomorrow cannot be foretold! I'm not afraid, come what may, I've lived and I've loved, so I'll say; If we never meet again, I'll have a rose to remember. The snows of December Will bring you back to me! If we never meet again, I'll fall asleep in the flowers And dream of the hours We spent in ecstasy! All the leaves in the Fall will recall the beauty I found in your eyes, And the birds in the Spring, when they sing, will tell me That love never dies! If we never meet again, I'm sure as heaven above you, For ever I love you! If we never meet again, For ever I love you If we never meet again. (If we never meet again) (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2011)


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