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IF YOU CAN WANT Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Oh you may not love me now, but I'm stayin' around 'Cause you want my company Just like push can turn to shove, like can turn to love & it's my philosophy that... CHORUS: If you can want, you can need & if you can need, you can care If you can care, you can love So when you want me, I'll be there Whenever you want me, I'll be there Oh now this may take some time, but if time was money I would be a millionaire So whenever you want me, call any time at all & for sure I'll be right there, 'cause... (chorus) (I'll be there) whenever you want me (instrumental) I'll be standin' by, not far way Let your heart give me a sign 'Cause I'm prepared to wait until I abfiducate When you want me all the time, 'cause... (repeat & fade): (chorus) (I'll be there) whenever you want me


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