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IF YOU COULD ONLY COME WITH ME (Noël Coward (m & l) 1929) Lyrics as sung by Nelson Eddy 1940 < Bitter Sweet > Oh, there may be beauty in this land of yours Skies are very often dull and grey If I could but take that little hand of yours Just to lead you secretly away. We would watch the Danube as it gently flows Like a silver ribbon winding free Even as I speak of it, my longing grows Once again, my own dear land to see. If you could only come with me... If you could only come with me... NOTES: Musical film Bitter Sweet 1940 Director: W.S. Van Dyke Leads: Jeanette MacDonald / Nelson Eddy / George Sanders The film was an adaptation of the English playwright Noël Coward's 1929 three act operetta by the same name. MGM promoted the 1940 film as a lavish musical romance containing 11 songs and shot it in Technicolor unlike it's English predecessor from 1933. The film Bitter Sweet was released first in London March 1933 in B & W (USA B &W in August). The London play debuted four years prior to that in 1929. It contained only 2 songs, one of which did not make it into the later US 1940 creation. Musical film Bitter Sweet 1933 The London film production was directed by Herbert Wilcox Leads: Anna Neagle / Fernand Graavey / Miles Mander Interestingly, Noël Coward purportedly intensely disliked the US rendition and stated that no more of his work would ever be shot in Hollywood. (Transcribed by David Story - February 2014)


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