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IF YOU ONLY HAD MY DISPOSITION (My Daddy Came From Paree) (Words by Charles McCaron / Music by Albert Von Tilzer, 1915) There's a reason why I look as I do I am never satisfied, don't seem to get enough of you want you always by my side, I can't help it if I love to be loved, lovin' was born in me, I just can't make my heart behave Oh, honey, can't you see People talk a lot in our neighborhood say I have a roguish eye, you never live long being good if that's the case I'll never die I'd be awf'ly nice to someone I know, if they'd be nice to me, I'd hang around if I were you and never let me be If you only had my disposition, you would love me all the time, right in your arms you would take me, and you'd love me, you'd love me, you'd have to love me,'cause I'm lonely, lonely, for you only and I want you all the time oh dear, my daddy came from Paree oh dear, my mother's Spanish you see, if you only had my disposition you'd be lovin' me all of the time.


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