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IF YOU TOUCH ME (Stampley/T/W) Recorded by : Loretta Lynn; Tanya Tucker. Well she packed my bags, kicked me out we were having bad times. Looking back I can see it was over nothing. Since then there's been too much red wine and women messing up my mind. But nothing can compare to my baby's loving. Two o'clock this morning, I made up my mind. I'm gonna go back home to my sweet baby. I looked out the window at the city for the last time. Lord knows this life will drive you crazy. Well, I walked down to the highway, caught a semi and headed home. I Hope she'll take me back oh lord I'm praying. Now I'm standing at the front door, hope I'll find her all alone. Then I heard her sweet voice saying. And she said... If you touch me...You've got to love me... And If you love me...You'll have to stay... With me...Forever, and I'll forgive you... And love will be like it should be... So If you touch me...You've got to love me. She said...If you touch me... You've Got To Love Me... (Contributed by Monique - June 2004)


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