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I GAVE MY WEDDING DRESS AWAY (Hy Heath / Fred Rose) Kitty Wells - 1963 Eileen Reid & The Cadets - 1964 Tomorrow was to be my wedding day But I gave my wedding dress away Another will be holding my bouquet So I gave my wedding dress away My baby sister wanted him And so she took my place It's worth a broken heart To see the smile upon her face I've cared for her since Mother went away So I gave my wedding dress away SPOKEN: "Everything I ever wanted, she always wanted too And maybe giving in to her was not the thing to do I always let her have her way, perhaps I wasn't strong But I was all she had to turn to when anything went wrong She's all I have to live for, she's all the joy I've ever had And though she's hurt me many times, she really isn't bad I saw the lovelight in her eyes, the day she met my Jim And then I knew that he belonged to her and she belonged to him" If I could win him back again Our love would be devine But I could never break her heart The way that she broke mine I'll worship him until my dying day But I gave my wedding dress away


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