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I GET THE SWEETEST FEELING Jackie Wilson mmmmmmmmmm The closer you get The better you look baby The better you look The more I want you When you turn on your smile I feel my heart go wild I'm like a child with a brand new toy And I get the Sweetest feeling Honey the Sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Baby the Sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Loving you, ya The warmer your kiss The deeper you touch me baby The deeper your touch The more you thrill me It's more than I can stand Girl, when you hold my hand I feel so grand That I could cry And I get the (Sweetest Feeling) Moma the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Baby the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Loving you uhh The greater your love The stronger you hold me baby The stronger your hold The more I need You. With every passing day I love you more in everyway I'm in love to stay And I wanna say I get the (Sweetest Feeling) Baby the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Honey the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Loving You aw (Sweetest Feeling) Baby the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling) Sweetest


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