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I GOT A GAL IN KALAMAZOO (Gordon / Warren) Glenn Miller Orchestra A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I got a gal in Kalamazoo Don’t wanta boast but I know she’s the toast of Kalamazoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo Years have gone by, my, my, how she grew I liked her looks when I carried her books in Kalamazoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo I’m gonna send away, hopping on a plane, leaving today And my dreamin’. I can hear her screamin’ Hi-ya, Mr Jackson, everything’s OK-A-L-A-M-A-Z-O Oh, what a gal, a real pipparoo I’ll make my bid for that freckle-faced kid I’m hurrying to I’m goin’ to Michigan to see the sweetest gal in Kalamazoo Zoo-zoo, zoo-zoo-zoo Kalamazoo K-A-L-A-M-A-Z-O-O Oh, I gotta gal, a real pipparoo We’re going to Michigan to see the sweetest girl in Kalamazoo Zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-za-zoo-za-zoo-za-zoo-zoo Kalamazoo


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