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I GOTTA GET AWAY FROM YOU (Kay Starr) Kay Starr with Hugo Winterhalter & his Orchestra recorded 1958 You are somethin' I should resist, But the moment I'm held and kissed, That meet me feelin' Begins a-stealin', And I know then that I've gotta get away from you! Though I know that I never should, I keep hauntin' your neighbourhood, And when that yearnin' Deep down is burnin', Well I know then that I've gotta get away from you! The thought of your touch Makes me want you so much, It's drivin' my heart insane! And yet, when you're here, When you're holding me near, I know that I'll soon feel pain! Oh, you'll never be good for me, So the only way I will stay free, When there's that yearnin' Within me certain, Well I know then that I gotta get away from you! So please set me free 'Cause you're no good for me, I've gotta, yes I gotta get away from you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2017)


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