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I GOTTA SING AWAY THESE BLUES (Jeri Cooper) Doris Day - 1956 My sweet man's left me And I've got a torch I must lose I may have to die some And surely I'll cry some But I've gotta sing away these blues It's heartbreak time now And so it's a sad song I choose You may find it dreary But, Lord, I'm so weary I've gotta sing away these blues I thought my road was certain He was mine, he was mine, he was mine But then fate rang down the curtain And all I have left is a heart that's bereft And now it's over And I'm still payin' love's dues My heart was a glad thing That turned into sad thing I've gotta sing away these blues Yes, I've gotta sing away these blues These blu-u-u-u-es (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2005)


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