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I HAVE BUT ONE HEART (Johnny Farrow / Marty Symes - Adapted from the Italian song "O Marenariello", Words: Gennaro Ottaviano / Music: Salvatore Gambardella - 1893) Vic Damone - 1947 Frank Sinatra - November 30th 1945 Lou Monte - 1958 Connie Francis - 1959 Vic Damone - 1959 (Re-recording) Dean Martin - 1962 Al Martino (feat. in the film "The Godfather") - 1972 Alfio - 2008 Giada Valenti - 2008 Also recorded by: Sam Butera & The Witnesses; Joe Dolny; Jeff Steinberg; The Duprees feat. Richie Rosato; Joni James; Jerry Vale. Recorded in Italian by: Perry Como (May 13th 1966, RCA Italiana Studios, Rome, Italy); Andrea Bocelli; Massimo Ranieri; Roberto Murolo; Sergio Bruni; Tito Schipa; Giacomo Rondinella; Gino Bechi; Gino del Vescovo; Carlo Buti; Dominic Chianesi; Franco Corelli; Flavio Esposito; Romano Zanotti; Nuovo Compagnia Di Canto Popolare; Gino Bechi; Armando Valsani; Bruno Venturini; Ronald Naldi. As recorded by VIC DAMONE: I have but one heart, this heart I bring you I have but one heart to share with you I have but one dream that I can cling to You are the one dream I pray comes true My darling, until I saw you, I never felt this way And nobody else before you, ever has heard me say You are my one love, my life I live for you I have but one heart to give to you (Orchestral Interlude) Vicin'o mare, facimmo 'ammore A core a core, pe' ce spassa So marenare e tiro 'a rezza Ma, p'allerezza, stongo a muri You are my one love, my life I live for you I have but one heart to give to you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2011)


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