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I HEAR TRUMPETS BLOW (Margo/M/M/S) Recorded by : Deep Purple; Episode Six; The Tokens; Vanity Fair. FANFARE I am not of royalty I'm an ordinary guy From a little family And the riches pass us by No red carpets on the floor Nothing fancy I can show But when we all stand together I hear trumpets blow FANFARE Oh there is a fair young maiden I love her and she loves me She is kind and understanding Filled with personality And the people closest to me All respect and love her so When I see how much they take to her I hear trumpets blow FANFARE Oh it really does amaze me All the happiness I feel And with every passing day I find I can't believe it's real So I pray that it will last At least a hundred years or so And I know it's not impossible When I hear trumpets blow FANFARE and fade (Contributed by Monique - May 2004)


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