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I KNOW A HEARTACHE WHEN I SEE ONE (Charlie Black / Roy Bouke / Kerry Chater) Jennifer Warnes Also recorded by: Lisa Brokop; Charlotte Whitted. Look at who the wind's Blowin’ up the road Shining like a northern star Actin’ like the answers To all my prayers But, baby, I know what you really are Chorus So don’t you knock on my door I won’t be home anymore You can find me out walking in the sun Oh, you hide it so well It isn’t easy to tell But I know a heartache When I see one There was a time I was a true believer Your love was the only way Well you can save all your sweet talkin’ For some other fool Only a fool would believe what you say Chorus Time is a teacher Oh, and it’s taught me well The loser is the one who cries And when you’ve cried like a baby And you’ve hurt like hell You know the devil By the look in his eyes Chorus (x2) I know a heartache when I see one


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