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I KNOW I GOT MORE THAN MY SHARE (Grant Clarke / Howard Johnson, 1916) To every one beneath the sun, God sends his blessings down, Like dew they fall upon us all, in every home they're found, To some a name, to others fame, His gifts are every where, The poor man and the rich a like, will both receive their share. Through life we go and never know what future years may hold, The skies of gray may fade away and some day turn to gold, So don't complain there's naught to gain, just learn to live and love, We all must wait to learn our fate, and trust to Him above. God gives the wise men their wisdom, sends all the poets their dreams To father and mother their love for each other we all get a share, so it seems I thought that I was forgotten My life was an empty affair, But He thought of me too, and when God gave me you, I know I got more than my share.


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