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I LET HER GO (Hal Blair / Don Robertson) Frankie Laine - 1963 Once I had everything that heaven has known within my arms And in that time I held a love close to my heart And when I kissed her I was warm I knew the ecstacy that comes From capturing a storm But then how was I to know And I let her go I touched the innocence of lips That had never known desire And when I kissed them I was trusted with a heart that I had once set afire I felt emotion deep inside More than passion could inspire But then how was I to know And I let her go Now I stand on the brink Of a world that's so dreary and black And I won't even pray For I know that I can't go back So as a king must fall with nothing left at all On my knees I'll bow, I'm so very humble now For it's too late, I know it's too late Much too late I saw the emptiness of saying goodbye Within her eyes It would have been all so much better if she cursed me But she never even cried Torn by the careless hands of love Something beautiful had died But then how was I to know I let her go (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - October 2005)


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