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I LIKE DREAMIN' Kenny Nolan Chorus: I like dreamin' cause dreamin' can make you mine. I like dreamin', closing my eyes and feeling fine. When the lights go down, I'm holding you so tight. Got you in my arms and it's paradise 'til the morning light. I see us on the shore beneath the bright sunshine. We've walked along St. Thomas beach a million times. Hand in hand, two barefoot lovers kissing in the sand. Side by side, the tide rolls in. I'm touching you, you're touching me. If only it could be. Chorus Through each dream how our love has grown. I see us with our children and our happy home. Little smiles, so warm and tender looking up at us. Blessed by love, the world we share Until I wake and reach for you And you're just not there. I like dreamin' 'cause dreaming can make you mine. I like holding you close and touching your skin Even if it's in my mind. Oh, sweet dream baby, I love you. Oh, my sweet dream baby, you're in my dreams every night.


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